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The Cuban archipelago has 110 922 sq. Km and it's the largest of the islands in the Caribbean. It has 5 746 km of coast which include more than 200 bays and 289 natural beaches. To the north it limits with the Florida Strait and to the South with the Caribbean Sea. There are three main ridges, the Sierra Maestra to the east, the Cordillera de los Organos to the west and the Sierra del Escambray at the center. The most important rivers are the Cauto, Toa, Cuyaguateje, Yumurí and Contramaestre. It's 140 km from the Bahamas, 180 km from Florida , 210 km from Cancun and 146 km from Jamaica.

Diving to contemplate and underwater photography are among the most popular nautical options in the Cuban archipelago because of the beauty and conservation of Cuban bottoms. Our coastal waters are clean and transparent, their average temperature is around 24 degrees Centigrade all year round and visibility exceeds 40 meters. Scuba diving lovers can enjoy the varied marine flora and fauna in our coral reefs. Gorgonias, sponges, orals, mollusks, crustaceans and many colored fish can be found in any of the 16 diving sites, which you can reach from the marinas, nautical centers, diving centers and diving clubs. In these you can find all necessary equipment, expert advice and beginners courses.

You can dive in coral reefs, walls and sunken ships that can be found from 5 to 40 meters depth. Internationally recognized divers will accompany you, taking all necessary security measures, including treatment in hyperbaric cameras when needed. For the conservation of the underwater resources Cuba has approved several regulations and the education.

Diving Sites
Diving Sites Coordenates

Diving site



Maria La Gorda

21º 49´.0

84º 29´.8


21º 36´.0

82º 57´.0

Cayo Largo del Sur

21º 37´.0

81º 34´.0

It is limited to a maximum of 8 hunters and a minimum of 4 per package. A group with less than 4 participants falls in the category of individual tourism.
Hunting License:  $25.00
Shotgun rental: $10.00
Supplies and Gear
Hunters may use their own guns, 12 gauge or 22-cal. shotgun or rifle, provided that they apply for an import permit at least 15 working days in advance of travel date. Cartridges can be bought in Cuba, at a price of  $10.00 per 25-piece box.
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Car Rental Specials
Economic Category
Hyundai Atos $ 63 per day
Medium Category
Hyundai Accent $ 80 per day
Havana - Cayo Largo
Combo Havana - Cayo Largo
3/4 Nights & flights. $ 702 pp
Hotel Specials
Hotel Deauville ***
At the foot of the Havana seafront, B&B. From 35usd
Hotel Tropicoco ***
All Inclusive, Santa María del Mar, Havana From 46usd
Club Tropical ***
All Inclusive in the middle of Varadero. AI From 65usd
Club Amigo Varadero
Towards the end of Varadero peninsula. AI From 72usd
Brisas del Caribe ****
All the charms of a hotel at Vardadero. AI From 98usd
Hotel Ancón ***
The Ancón beach, 12 km from Trinidad, AI From 52usd
Brisas Trinidad del Mar
A few kilometers from the city
of Trinidad. AI From 78usd
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